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The Champion's Shield Master Post

Author: lightofsolais
Artist:  postnotice
Art Post: Here 'tis
Word Count:  143,053
Rating:  PG-13, just to be safe
Warnings:  None
Beta:  My seeter
Summary: Kait is still recovering from what the ghosts did to her while in the Amant Valley. Connor is turning eighteen, becoming a man in the eyes of society. Aiden can't think of anything other than Kait. Life seems completely normal, even more normal when Connor finally has a vision of his third weapon. Connor, Aiden, Kait and Bryan travel north to a village that doesn't exist anymore, where none of them speak the language. All they know is they are looking for caves filled with ice and light that leads to a castle of ice that holds the Champion's Shield.
Notes:  Here you will find the links to books one and two of the series.The Seeker's Ring The Book Of Light

The Champion's ShieldCollapse )